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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dr. Manmohan Singh
The Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

26th August 2008    1730  Hrs.

Your Excellency Dr. Manmohan Singh,

Greetings from the All India Christian Council on behalf of the grieving Christian community in Orissa.

We were praying during the trust vote that your government will survive and make the deals that are necessary for the future of our Country and for the welfare of our people.  This, I write with great anguish and pain on behalf of the thousands of Christians in Orissa that have been uprooted and are living like refugees in their own places in the Districts of Kandhamal, Gajapati, Bargarh and several other cities and towns of Orissa.

A delegation of Christian leaders met with the Home Minister, who assured that central forces would be sent if the state requests for it.  I’m herewith enclosing the list of damages that are caused by the VHP activists in Orissa.  The bandh was declared in advance and the State Government has not made adequate arrangements to protect the peace loving Christians.

I submit to your good office that these kinds of incidents will take our country’s reputation back to stone ages.  All the good work done by your office and the current authorities to make our nation the most powerful and a vibrant democracy will all be hidden by the scars that this kind of mayhem brings up.  The people of Orissa, the Christian community in India and the other minority communities will begin to see that all the development talk that you are presenting is not at all a serious one as you seem to continue to fail to take any action against the perpetrators of hate crimes and genocides.

Even after the December 07attacks, sir I requested for a visit by your Excellency.   There was no visit and not even an acknowledgement of my communication.  Again, believing your personal values in democracy and maintaining of human rights for all I appeal to you, kindly make an official visit to the District of Kandhamal and see the wounded and hounded community of Christians there.  How many more deaths are required for the Centre to act?  How many more houses need to be burnt? And how much more destruction would move your offices into action?

Looking forward to your visit there and for concrete steps that your office could take:

1. To implement rehabilitation and reconstruction of all the damaged houses / institutions

2. To begin taking the needed steps to remove violence and taking the law into their own hands by the VHP leaders and activists. 

3. To construct peace committees that are true representative and ensure that the peace and tranquility that existed in this beautiful hills of Kandhamal returns.

4. Giving a statement to the country, that the religious extremists are not in control and that the administration is in control of this nation.

With Hope and a lot of Expectations,

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Sam Paul
National Secretary, Public Affairs

Encl: ORISSA ANTI CHRISTIAN VIOLENCE UPDATE - August 26, time 1730 hrs

C.C to :- Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President, Congress Party
               Ministers of Union Cabinet of India as on date

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